Radio broadcast with recording of the performance of tambura band from Tököl

Recording of the Hungarian Radio broadcasting with announcement in Hungarian, dedicated to the tambura orchestra from Tököl (Tukulja) led by Mijo Milković (Mihály Milkovics), and to their repertoire. Besides the standard tambura instruments, there is also accordion included. This orchestra used to play in different occasions – at weddings, on baptism ceremonies, at balls and in similar situations, but also at funerals –, so its repertoire is wide: it consists of melodies to dance (kolo and others), songs melodies of different contents and, finally, specific melodies performed at burials. The order of pieces has been made according to the logic of a concert performance program, following the principle of contrast in tempo and character of individual numbers. The recording is somewhat accelerated; as a consequence, there is relatively fast tempo of playing, as well as a semitone higher pitches.  It may be presumed that certain arrangement solutions, e.g. orchestra textures were made under a special influence of traditional bagpipe playing, since Mijo Milković’s father was a bagpiper. (For this biographical data we cordially thank to Zoltán Szabó, ethnographer, bagpiper, and researcher). 

For additional data about individual numbers and their wider contextualization, the editors cordially thank to Dr Andor Végh and to László Halász, accordion and tambura player. Latter is disciple of Mijo Milković and leader of nowadays ensemble “Kolo” in Tököl. Still, several numbers have been left without closer explanations, which witnesses on losing continuity of awareness about certain melodies’ names and functions in memory of community to whose heritage they belong.