148. Likuj dnes, Sione

Theme: Church Songs: Serbian Traditional Church Chanting
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.010B_01.14–02.20
Title or incipit: Likuj dnes, Sione [Rejoice today, Sion]
Locality: Battonya (Batanja)
Sung by: Choir of male church singers of Serb Orthodox Parish in Battonya
Year: unknown

Comment: The first strophe of a Cristmas spiritual song that is a part of paraliturgical repertoire together with the other songs of the vertep processions [Navity play]. These songs were sung in 19th century in living traditional practice, as different notations witness (the first one in Kornelije Stanković legacy, and after his time in manuscripts of his followers among the melographers of Serbian traditional church chant in 19th and 20th centuries).
Transcription of the melody is not published in the Collection.