044-045. Kolo with poskočice [shouting]

Description of the collection

*Vujicsics may have copied the bagpipe dance melody of Lakócsa, which contains dance words (shoutings), on a tape containing recordings from Alsószentmárton.

Dialect: D
Topic: From Cradle to Grave
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.001B (12.00–15.30), and continued in the next tape: MZA-VT-AV-4.002A (00.00–01.20)
Title or Incipit: Kolo with poskočice [shouting]
Locality: Lakócsa/Lukovišće
Played by: Jozo Bardek-Cican on dude [a type of bagpipe]
Year: 1953
Recorded by: László K. Kovács

Announcement: The tune of a led out and in- kolo comes (danced in spiral line), played by bagpipe with singing interludes.

Comment: A kolo of older type, performed as opened kolo, with a motive of twisting of its ends into form of a “snail”; older people used to use the expression “expand kolo” (Andor Végh).

Comment: Kolo with poskočice (the continuation of the previous number; it can be heard that the previous track was broken or it unwound to the end; Andor Végh). Played on dude.