Description of the collection

Recording of the stage performance of wedding customs accompanied by singing, playing and dancing in Lakócsa (Lukovišće), at Podravian Croats; it was performed at the occasion of film recording about preserved elements of traditional life within this South Slavs’ group in Hungary (more detailed description of wedding customs and songs at Podravian Croats see in: Begovacz 1983). For additional data about the context of recording and about individual musical pieces, for reconstructions of many initial verses of songs, as well as for data from archival sources and from the field, the Editors cordially thank to Dr Andor Végh (A.V.)

Film was based on researches conducted by young ethnologists from Budapest ELTE University, in the cooperation of György Martin and Jolán Borbély; Tihomir Vujičić joined them. Since all numbers in this series belong to wedding rituals and customs, the musical-folklore genre has not been marked in some of the comments below. All vocal pieces were performed by female vocal group from Lakócsa, gathered spontaneously for the purpose of recording (A.V.); in some songs it was divided into two parts to sing antiphonally. Sometimes also the male vocal group joins. In instrumental and vocal-instrumental numbers the tambura orchestra of Pavo Hajnali appears (A.V.).