041. Kolo (dance with bottle on the head)

Description of the collection

Dialect: D
Topic: From Cradle to Grave
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.001B (06.23–08.55)
Title or Incipit: Kolo (dance with bottle on the head)
Locality: Lakócsa/Lukovišće
Year: 1953
Recorded by: László K. Kovács

Announcement: “Bottle” dance comes, tambura ensemble with singing interludes.

Comment: Kolo, dance with bottle on the head (with singing or crying out rhyme couplets, as Oči moje i obrve tanke [My eyes and my thin eyebrows]). Performed by tambura ensemble and singers, recorded with dance. – This kind of dance was usually performed in this phase of wedding party (Andor Végh).