123. Gdi je rosa pokapala jorgovan

Dialect: D
Theme: Town songs, songs by well-known or unknown authors
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.090A_03.22–06.33
Title or incipit: Gdi je rosa pokapala jorgovan [Where the dew buried the lilac]
Locality: Dunaszekcső/Sečuj
Sung by Ljubica Bebić Vujičić (78)
Year: unknown

Comment: Variant of the previous number (122, which published in Collection, nr. 316).


Ljubica Bebić Vujičić: There were I and Gliša’s cousin. And we should have gone to dig the potatoes. Then my mother and father said: come on – he said – you two go – he said – and dig – he said – those potatoes  and make a pile of all together – he said. All right then. We went to the field and there was a meadow, the lord’s, and *kastner/foreman and judge. And also some of the family Kovačević, he was also Serbian, and they were working there. And me and she, when we completed it, we ate, and took a rest a little. She had a very good voice, like in three [?].  Why didn’t you come to us to[?]? And that *kastner/foreman, ha-ha, the lord, who is checked the judge and the master. 

Tihomir Vujičić.: I know that.

Lj.B.V.: Who went there and gathered the seeds. 

T.V.: Could you sing some more?

Lj.B.V.: Oh, more than advice, it’s worth something. And that Jela, she came alone, and he said […] – he said – and your voices and songs. Where the hell did you learned that? And she was like that, if she saw anyting, or heard, she already learned it! She was able to wash, and to iron, and to sing, and to go away, and she could do everyting you can imagine. She died too. She married away to Mohač/Mohács.