114. (=116.) Veliko kolo iz Batanje – whistle

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.104_33.35–35.04
Title or incipit: Veliko kolo iz Batanje [Veliko kolo from Battonya]
Locality: Magyarcsanád/Čanad
Played by: Milan Gurzo (54)
Year: 1959

Comment: The melody of traditional kolo represented by whistling. Numerous variants of this kolo in sound materials collected by Tihomir Vujičić testify that this was one of the most famous of all dances among Serbian and in general South Slav population on the territory of Hungary. Transcription is not published in the Collection.

Transcript of Veliko kolo at the Documents: 85, 86, 87.