112. Veliko banatsko kolo iz Batanje

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.050B_16.55–19.20
Title or incipit: Veliko banatsko kolo iz Batanje [Banatian Veliko kolo from Battonya]
Locality: Battonya (Batanja)
Played by: Aleksandar Rockov (43) and Nenad Rockov (38) tambura
Year: probably 1960

Comment: Recorded in Budakalász (Kalaz). – Traditional kolo, also known in different regional variants, so this example is important as illustration of a local, Serbian repertoire in Battonya (Batanja). Transcription is not published in the Collection.

Transcript of Veliko kolo at the Documents: 85, 86, 87.