102e. Ajde, diko, da se ne varamo; kolo

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.037A_05.14–07.22
Title or incipit: Ajde, diko, da se ne varamo [Common, beloved, let us not cheat each other] and kolo
Locality: Tököl/Tukulja
Played by: tambura orchestra from Tököl plays under the direction of Mijo Milković
Year: probably 1954

Comment: Instrumental version of a song, followed by kolo – the number has been shaped by alternating appearances of two melodies contrasting in their characters. The piece could be a version of wedding “choosing” kolos (as pillow dance): while the slow melody is played, a pair of dancers has been chosen, and in the course of the faster melody, the kolo is danced (László Halász). Similar dance was performed at weddings in Lórév (Lovra), at the time “between the bride’s dance and midnight supper” (László Halász). Similar pillow dance was used also in Pomáz, the so-called Skoči kolo, see in the Collection nr. 109.(Szofia Káplán)