103. Ore

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.100_26.38–28.47
Title or incipit: Ore
Locality: Tököl/Tukulja
Played by: Mijo Milković (80), tambura
Year: 11. 04. 1973

Comment: Traditional dance; its variant, performed by the orchestra under the menagement of the same tambura player (M. Milković), recorded nearly twenty years earlier (see the sound recording nr. 102l), transcription of it was published in the Collection (nr. 253). The unnamed interlocutor stated that in Tököl (Tukulja) this dance was performed firstly by women, and then men followed (contrary to Vujičić’s earlier knowledge – that ore was performed firstly by men or in pair). Recording begins with discussion (26.38–27.32), playing the melody starts only afterwards.



Tihomir Vujičić: Old, original kolo. In the past it was danced only by men, or women and men, in pairs. The ore. Just to ask, how was it danced? Who started dancing first? Men first, and after the women came into the kolo, or…?

Mijo Milković: Men first, and then women in kolo. 

T.V.: So, men started?

M. M.: Right.  

T.V.: How did they hold each other, by hands?

Female informant: Women started first, then men came in. 

T.V.: It’s not that.

Female informant: At our place it was like that. We always danced, and men came after. 

T.V.: All right, at your place. You, the women, were the first. But for the most part, that was the order that men first. Or?

Female informant: We danced first, women. Always women.

T.V.: Then say!

M.M.: Women danced first. 

Female informant: First, women danced.

T.V.: Oro?

M.M.: Pardon? Ore.