109. Igram kolo, kika mi se vije

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.050B_08.13–11.03
Title or incipit: Igram kolo, kika mi se svije [I am dancing kolo, my plait is twisting around]
Locality: Felsőszentmárton/Martinci
Played by: „Kovačevićka“ (the wife of Steva Kovačević), folk choir and tambura orchestra (and some male voices)
Year: unknown

Comment: Same performers as in the previous number. – Song with the kolo dance. Dynamical quality of the recording suggests that it is made without dancing. Newertheless, sound stimulus, such as whistles, aside from verbal component (description of a girl’s hair during the dancing), specifically contribute to suggestive representation of authentic atmosphere of this, syncretic, music-dance events. Unpublished.