113. Banatsko veliko kolo

Dialect: D
Theme: Instrumental and instrumental-sung music
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.050B_21.10–23.53
Title or incipit: Banatsko veliko kolo [Veliko kolo from Banat]
Locality: Battonya/Batanja
Played by: Aleksandar Rockov (43) and Nenad Rockov (38) tambura
Year: probably 1960

Comment: Recorded in Budakalász (Kalaz). – Unusual, vocal-instrumental version of kolo which is traditionally performed (it is illustrated by the examples 273 and 273a in the Collection). In this case, the prim player has performed his melody vocally, on neutral syllables (onomathopea of playing), and periodically is joined by the other musician, who simultaneously plays rhythmically-harmonical accompaniment. Variant of the veliko kolo was published in the Collection without any indication about performers (nr. 273).

Transcript of Veliko kolo at the Documents: 85, 86, 87.