025. „Svatovske… na tukuljski način“ [“Wedding customs… in a way characteristic for Tököl” (interview)]

Dialect: D
Topic: From Cradle to Grave
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.100 (21.38–24.16)
Incipit: „Svatovske… na tukuljski način“ [“Wedding customs… in a way characteristic for Tököl” (interview)]
Locality: Tököl (Tukulja)
Year. 11. 4. 1973
Collector: Tihamér Vujicsics

Comment: A part of an interview led by Tihomir Vujičić about wedding customs in Tököl (Tukulja). One woman is narrating, after which the interlocutors are included as well.


Tihomir Vujičić (T.V.): Wedding sayings in Tököl (Tukulja) way will be shown to us now by?

Revija (R.): Revija Plavšinova.

T.V.: 60 years old.

R.: 60 years old.

T.V. […] When and in which case it is said? Who stand by whom and in what time? 

R.: Bride and groom, and mother and father ask their daughter: “Mande, my daughter, what do you ask from your mother?” She says: “From God I ask health, from you I ask blessing!” Than there was a big bread [another informant shouts: cake!]”. 

T.V.: Bread?

Mijo Milković (M.M.): Big bread. 

R.:Then they would shover her in her back, she would drink, and then they would play… [another interlocutor shouts]

M.M.: The best man offers her a glass. 

T. V.: And what they would play then? 

M.M.: Then all the wedding guests shout: The best man is drinking, the best man and bride are drinking red wine!” 

Mijo Milković: The Best man offers her a glass of wine, and then the wedding-guests say: “The Best man is drinking, the bast man and the bride is drinking wine!”

R.: “The bride is drinking wine!” – like that. 

M.M.: And so the barrel goes, between the groom.

T.V.: And what is sung and played while it is going on?

M.M.: They don’t sing here, they don’t have to sing.

T. V.: They must. 

R.: She [mother] is crying then. 

T. V.: And what is she telling?

R.: She is crying because she lost her daughter.

T.V.: And what is she crying about?

R.: She feels sad.

T. V.: All right. But how does she cry?

R.: She is afraid. I don’t know what she is saying. Afraid of how the daughter will live with her husband.  

T.V.: But how does she sing?

R.: She doesn’t sing. 

T. V.: It should have been singing. But still, what are the lyrics?R.: They said only this: “From God – good health, from you – blessing!”