023-024. Odbi se biser grana and logovac

Dialect: D
Topic: From Cradle to Grave
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.100 (19.00–21.00)
Incipit: 023: Odbi se biser grana [The branch of pearls has departed from the lilac], 024: logovac
Locality: Tököl (Tukulja)
Played by Mijo Milković (80) tambura solo
Year: 11. 4. 1973
Collector: Tihamér Vujicsics

Comment: Melodies are in the “Serbian way”, as it was announced on the recording. Melody in rubato style, usually is linked with the melody of the dance logovac. In earlier times, the slow melody was often sung by women accompanied by bagpipers, and they were gradually suppressed by tambura and accordion players, so it is not surprising that these two melodies were also found on the repertoire of this old player.

A transcription was not published in the Collection.