144.  Speech of Tihomir Vujičić with gratitudes

Theme: Church Songs: Serbian Traditional Church Chanting
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.002B_20.27–21.00
Title or incipit: Speech of Tihomir Vujičić with gratitudes
Locality: Battonya/Batanja
Announcement: Tihomir Vujičić
Year: 13. 7. 1958

Comment: Speech of Tihomir Vujičić with gratitudes to the singers/chanters at the end of the record 143.


Original transcript in Serbian

Tihomir Vujičić: Thus the nowadays recording of Serbian church and secular songs in interpretation of Choir of the chanters of the Serb Orthodox Parish in has been ended, on 13th July 1958 in Serbian Parish Home.
Unknown informant(male): And we also thank Tihamér Vujicsics for coming.
T.V.: I thank all performers on their warm reception and for their racy chanting and singing. 
Unknown informant(male): God bless You!