126. Jes’, tako mi moje vere

Dialect: D
Theme: Town songs, songs by well-known or unknown authors
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.002B_04.26–07.32
Title or incipit: Jes’, tako mi moje vere [Oh, yes, so help me my faith]
Locality: Battonya/Batanja
Sung by: Choir of male church singers of Serb Orthodox Parish in Battonya
Year: 13. 7. 1958

Comment: Singers from Battonya (Batanja) spontanously apply the principle of contrast while singing together for a longer time: after a song in slow tempo, they continue with another in lively rhythm (often to the model of brojanica / “counting” songs). The song is sung in newer rural music tradition, to the bass. Transcription of the melody is not published in the Collection.