051-052. Višnjica rodila; Sestra bratu poručuje

Dialect: D
Theme: From autumn to autumn
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.108_32.10–32.53; MZA-VT-AV-4.108_32.53–35.43
Szövegkezdet: Višnjica rodila [The cherry has born fruit]; Sestra bratu poručuje [A sister is sending a message to her brother]
Locality: Budakalász (Kalaz)
Sung by: Zorka Beloš (born Lazić, 1901 in Budakalász)
Year: July 1972
Collector: Tihamér Vujicsics
Transcription: Tihamér Vujicsics

Comment: These two songs are performed as a whole. This concerns Serbian ritual songs, which were in the past sung as accompaniment to a kolo dance with dragging, danced around the church, after Vespers on (Orthodox) Easter. There is a recorded dialog between Tihomir Vujičić and the singer about this ritual. Notations of the songs were published in the the Collection (nrs. 139, 140).




Višnjica rodila,
Lerjano, perjano.
Koliko rodila?
Sedam, pet i devet.


Sestra bratu poručuje,
sestra bratu poručuje.
Po ladu, po za ladu,
za lad, Marija.

Sestra bratu poručuje:
– Dođ’ me, brate, povoditi,
dok ne rodiš muško čedo,
muško čedo i devojče.


37. Sestra bratu poručuje – melody and lyrics of Easter song with rhythm pattern, Budakalász (Kalaz), manuscript; VT_Dig_00001_016


Transcription of the dialog in Serbian

T. V.: And that was sung?
Zorka Beloš: That was sung, the people walked around the church three times. 
??: On Easter? 
Z. B.: So, the two, on Easter, after Vespers. 
T. V.: And did they gird the church with white linen?
Z. B.: I don’t know that.
T. V.: Because on the Kosovo Field they gird the church with white linen and then they sing this. 
Z. B.: I don’t know. 
??: It was not like that. But you walked around the church three times? 
Z. B.: We circled the church three times and the cross one time and then we parted. And we held the handkerchiefs two by two […] and we waded under the hands of each other. 
T.V.: Like on Kosovo.
Z. B.: That was beautiful. From here, from Pomaz, Sentandreja[Szentendre] everyone came to the Vespers to see. Well, then there were many girls. Nowadays, two or three. 
T. V.: Well, then there were many. Hundred guys, two hundred girls. 
Z. B.: Can we listen now?
T.V.: We will listen immediately.
??: Just please tell me what your name is, how old and where did you sing?
Z.B.: Is that my maiden name?
??: Whose and maiden name.
Z.B.: Zorka Beloš, born Zorka Lazić. I am 71 years old, I was born first.
T.V.: And where did you sing?
Z.B.: […] they sang there, there […] they didn’t.
T.V.: No, where did you sing, in Budakalász?
Z.B.: In Budakalász.
T.V.: In 1972, in the month of July, thank you.