075. Šta ću, mati, gadan sam

Dialect: D
Theme: Epic songs, narrative songs, romances, ballads
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.090A (06.55–09.17)
Incipit: Šta ću, mati, gadan sam [What should I do, oh mother, I am naughty]
Locality: Dunaszekcső/Sečuj
Sung by Ljubica Bebić Vujičić (78), grandmother of Tihomir Vujičić
Year: 1959
Collector: Tihamér Vujicsics
Transcription: Tihamér Vujicsics

Comment: A song of narrative character, humorous and satirical content; after singing, the singer is telling about the occasion in which she was listening to it. Transcription is not published in the Collection.