005. Vsaki den slišimo novega kaj

Dialect: A (Slovanian)
Code: NM-MH 1223a
Text incipit: Vsaki den slišimo novega kaj [“Every day, we hear something new”]
Locality: Csendlak (Tišina)
Performer: Franc Džuban (45 y.)
Year: 1898
Collector: Béla Vikár

Comment: This song, with an emphasized invitation to listen, tells the story of an unfortunate death of a young girl and at the same time stresses the importance of passing on news expressed with songs. Informing people through songs was very important among the Slovenes as well, but it was largely recognized in spreading farewell songs, that is, songs about sudden deaths and deaths without anointing. These songs were passed on by some craftsmen, who with the songs drew attention to their activities, or by people on the edge of society who begged for alms with singing. Due to the dividing line that separated the land beyond the Mura River from other Slovene lands, the transfer of news was even more significant: from the Hungarian part, songs about the cruel attitude of stepmothers towards orphans were transmitted to Styria and Carniola, while songs about sudden and unfortunate deaths came from Styria to the Hungarian Slovenes. By becoming folk tunes, these songs became part of the folk tradition. Notation is not published in the book.


Vsaki den slišimo novega kaj – szöveg kézirata
5. Vsaki den slišimo novega kaj – manuscript of the lyrics