003. Vandərček, vandərček moj

Dialect: A (Slovenian)
Reference: NM-MH 1225b
Text incipit: Vandərček, vandərček moj [Wanderer, My Wanderer]
Locality: Tišina/Csendlak
Performer(s): unknown
Year: 1898
Collector: Béla Vikár

Comment: This song is a seemingly light love song which shows a clear Central Slovenian influence, both on the lexical and the phonological level. It is special among the Tišina recordings, and not only because of its clear deviation from the Prekmurje dialect: it is a song that was bilingual in the original, namely Slovene-German. In this regard, the Slovene text is morally irreproachable from the point of view of the then social norms, while the German text which complements it crosses these norms with a clearly expressed erotic message. In the Tišina variant, only the Slovene text is included and the reasons for the omission of the German part of the song are unclear: lack of knowledge of the German language or self-censorship at the reception of the song or at the time of the recording may be behind this. In any case, this song points to the contacts of Prekmurje youth with other Slovenes, mostly made possible precisely by seasonal work.

Transcription is not published in the Collection.