004. Svet Gregor doktora

Dialect: A (Slovenian)
Reference: NM-MH 1224c
Text incipit: Svet Gregor doktora [Doctor St. Gregory]
Locality: Tišina/Csendlak
Performer(s): Franc Džuban (45)
Year: 1898
Collector: Béla Vikár

Comment: This song is a carol dedicated to collecting gifts for teachers. Teachers were mostly organists and cantors as well and until 1910 their payment in the Hungarian part of the Habsburg Monarchy was primarily based on the gifts of individuals. This song was translated from Hungarian and was published in its entirety by Jožef Košič in 1845 in the book Zobriszani Szloven i Szlovenka med Műrov in Rábov (The Educated Slovene Man and Woman between the Mura and Rába). The text invites children to school and at the same time provides a justification of schooling. With the institutionalization of school, the carolling tradition on St. Gregory’s Day was passed on to students: gifts were collected on the teacher’s behalf, by two of the best students.

Transcription is not published in the Collection.


Svet Gregor doktora – szöveg és dallamlejegyzés kézirata
4. Svet Gregor doktora – manuscript of the notation and of lyrics