001. Marko skače

Dialect: A (Slovanian)
Code: NM-MH 1224a
Text incipit: Marko skače [“Marko leaps”]
Locality: Csendlak (Tišina)
Performers: Ana Horvat (21 y.) and Franc Džuban  (45 y.)
Year: 1898
Collector: Béla Vikár

Comment: This song, which is today one of the most well-known Prekmurje songs, draws attention to some special features of the tradition of the Hungarian Slovenes. Because of the influence of the Evangelistic church, they experienced greater pressure on traditional rituals and folk beliefs and hence also on their ritual songs. They have preserved the essence of wedding customs and songs to a great extent. The song also falls into the category of wedding songs; it was originally a courting song, but it was known in a wider area along the Slovene-Croatian border. Its connection to dance highlights its archaic character. At the time of the recording in Csendlak, the song had more stanzas and the original connection to dance was preserved. Before the Second World War, it was replaced by a folklore-based dance game that included choosing a dancing partner, also therefore changing the meaning of the song. Notation is published in the book (nr. 1).

Music note

Marko skače


Marko skače, Marko skače
po zelenoj trati,
hm, hm, tra-la-la,
po zelenoj trati.

V rokaj nosi sedem žutij zlati.
Tou de njemi za devojko dati.
Pijte, jejte, mojga bratca konji!
Zdaj mo išli daleč po devojko.
Prek devétij, prek desetij moustov.
Tam jo vidim, folaše pomejče.


Marko skače – szöveg kézirata
1. Marko skače – manuscript of the lyrics (Béla Bartók’s corrections in green ink)
2. Marko skače – manuscript of the notation and of lyrics, Béla Bartók’s notation