146.  Iže Heruvimi [Cherubic Hymn]

Theme: Church Songs: Serbian Traditional Church Chanting
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.091B_05.26–10.45
Title or incipit: Iže Heruvimi [Cherubic Hymn]
Locality: Battonya/Batanja
Sung by: Choir of male church singers of Serb Orthodox Parish in Battonya
Year: unknown

Comment: Cherubic Hymn, First Mode of Serbian Ochtoechos. „Big“ chant; melismatics is remarkably richer comparing to notations made by above mentioned melographers. Accompanying (lower) part is in spirit / manner of secular traditional songs to the bass; in that sense, a special „tonalisation“ of the original melody form, of modal First Mode is spotted. Sung by the same chanters as in previous number. Notation of the melody is not published. After chanting, there is a closing speech of Tihomir Vujičić (147.).