139. Čudnog glasa iz Mostara grada

Theme: Appendix: Songs of the peoples of Yugoslavia
Reference: MZA-VT-AV-4.100_54.12–56.20
Title or incipit: Čudnog glasa iz Mostara grada [Strange news come from the town of Mostar]
Locality: Szigetcsép/Čip
Sung by: Nerandža Todorović (68)
Year: 1973

Comment: Nerandža Todorović (born in Szigetcsép/Čip in 1904), recorded in Pestszentlőrinc (Budapest). – Narrative song, which illustrates to what extent popular songs with themes from Bosnia and Herzegovina are spread and sung in Hungary. Songs of this kind were spread also via radio. Transcription of the song is not published in the Collection.